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About Me

Just a 20-Something Creative Who Loves Burgers, Brews, and his Dad-Bod...

Actually, I've lost my dad bod (thank you mountain hikes and adventures) but I am indeed still a 20-something guy traveling through life and doing it all with a camera in hand! 

Also, before I share more about myself, yes my real name is Negley. I'm named after my great grandfather, and personally, I find it's far cooler than "Chad" (no offense if your name is Chad...). 

I grew up in a rural farm town located about an hour west of Toledo, Ohio. There wasn't a lot to do here besides go to Walmart for fun, or drive down bumpy back roads with your lights off, so I picked up a camera in a high school classroom and couldn't put it down. 

For the last decade I've been primarily photographing friends, families, and weddings. While I've loved it, I just didn't feel like those photography niches served me in this new season of life living in Salt Lake City, UT. 

I'm passionate about sharing with the world all that I get to explore, and I also have really grown fascinated by the art of photographing fun atmosphere's like those of breweries, bars, restaurants, and more in the realm of food and beverage!

Within the last 3 years I've managed to transition my work towards food and beverage photography. I have clients I serve once to help them obtain a stellar photo portfolio for use such as promotional materials. I also have many clients I work with very closely for more consistent work and growth on both our ends!

I love a crispy chicken tender basket, a solid crafted brew (especially if it's a pilsner) and getting to travel all over the country to help businesses enhance their online and overall appearance. I am excited to share all that I have been working on and hope you are excited to follow along on my journey too! 

When I'm not working, I'm typically snuggling my pupper Kodak (blue heeler mix), and together we enjoy hiking, skiing, and diving into new adventures we never dreamed of having before! I'm a creative by heart, so I am always taking up new hobbies too, like ceramics, crochet, or learning a new trade!

I'm stoked you're here, and if you're a professional seeking services, I'm happy to chat! If you're just coming by to learn about the top places in Utah to grab a bite, also happy to have you. 

Hope you find what you're looking for here in my online hut.

Catch ya around!

- Negley

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